Stray Kids <GO生> UNVEIL : TRACK "TOP ("신의 탑" OST)"

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <GO生> UNVEIL : TRACK "TOP ("신의 탑" OST)"
Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "GO生"
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Princess Christel
Princess Christel преди 17 минути
Thank gash Tog made me interested in Skz
Summer Motley
Summer Motley преди 8 часа
AMAZING! You guys are so awesome!
Maming Belanglicius
Maming Belanglicius преди 22 часа
this best song !
Salmaa Khanza syavira
Salmaa Khanza syavira преди ден
Little Maila
Little Maila преди ден
FACT: 80 MOST COPYRIGHTED KPOP MALE IDOL (updated january 2020) #35 CHAN (54 Songs) #36 CHANGBIN (54 Songs) #40 HAN (52 Songs) Han is the youngest in top 40🔥 This is one of the reason why STAY ❤️ Stray kids.
Niah Love
Niah Love преди ден
The way I'm a weeb and a STAY is making my little heart sCreAm
Tasya преди ден
Minho have so many lines in here omg I’m so happy😗
Tasya преди ден
My first skz mv was God’s Menu, so.. yeah...
Intan Syafiqah
Intan Syafiqah преди ден
What ost???
Jhoana Tugaob
Jhoana Tugaob преди 2 дни
i want a selca of that look chan!!!!
Ann преди 2 дни
Ann преди 2 дни
A M преди 2 дни
신의 탑 솔직히 노잼인데, 뭔 복이 있어 이런 명곡을 OST로 받게 되었을까? 요즘 스트레이키즈 내놓는 곡마다 심상치가 않네.
jimin's jam
jimin's jam преди 3 дни
i got goosebumps like for real
jung chanumon
jung chanumon преди 3 дни
this deserves billions of views
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy преди 3 дни
Ammarrayyan Ammarrayyan
Ammarrayyan Ammarrayyan преди 3 дни
Poor woojin 😟
Jaiden Salvador
Jaiden Salvador преди ден
Don't pity him he has done way to much bad things to stray kids and other people in the past. They are better off without him in fact they are way more successful without him. W**jin was the person who was holding all of them back. Stray kids can now be who they are without him. And let us all stays watch stray kids rise and become Stray Kids not the "new bts" (no offence). Anyway that's my tedtalk.
monique Wilson
monique Wilson преди 4 дни
Watching this for no reason
유예 преди 4 дни
겁나 신기하다 신의탑 재밌게 봤었는데 아이돌이 ost부르네
Aishvarya Rajasekaran
Aishvarya Rajasekaran преди 4 дни
There is one imposter among us 👀 👁👄👁
Gabi Maddox
Gabi Maddox преди 4 дни
Acabo de ver esto :( y lo subieron el dia de mi hb :(
Faith Ditmars
Faith Ditmars преди 4 дни
This song is so empowering it gives me chills
picked up 8 strays from jyp's basement
picked up 8 strays from jyp's basement преди 4 дни
center i.n is so good
Breiner Luque
Breiner Luque преди 4 дни
Sahana Jaware
Sahana Jaware преди 6 дни
after hearing felix's deep voice my face gets as red as chan's hair
junhui the disrespect
junhui the disrespect преди 6 дни
minho and hyunjin looks so amazing here omg
junhui the disrespect
junhui the disrespect преди 6 дни
seungmin's voice is like an angel
hello people
hello people преди 6 дни
hello people
hello people преди 6 дни
juliana joharis
juliana joharis преди 6 дни
Please tell me you guys are doing the second season's OP and ED or imma cry :')
dma mirine
dma mirine преди 6 дни
다시보니 우주선이 지옥열차 빨간게 지옥의층 레이더가 공주중에 등대 오페라 쓰르거 같고 구에 줄무늬 신해어 알 같은 ㅋ
Lina Camelia
Lina Camelia преди 6 дни
At this time they didn’t know they will release the song of the year one week later, and add millions stays
Malem Thok
Malem Thok преди 8 дни
Felix 😘😘😘
Salwa AuliaR.
Salwa AuliaR. преди 8 дни
I want to hug Han tightly when his hair is blonde is so-Ughㅠ^ㅠ. I want to cry..
Candrasuci Wahyuningati
Candrasuci Wahyuningati преди 9 дни
Hwang hyunjin and stray kids 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😗😗🤗🤗🤗
Ningthoujam Ajit Singh
Ningthoujam Ajit Singh преди 9 дни
Coz...of Tower of God( ◜‿◝ )♡
Nada otaku
Nada otaku преди 9 дни
Anime & K-pop = boooooooom 😂👌🏻❤
Nada otaku
Nada otaku преди 9 дни
Tower of God opening 👌🏻👏👏🙂💜
yeaπ López
yeaπ López преди 10 дни
Esos pasos uff !! Unos maestros !
yeaπ López
yeaπ López преди 10 дни
LightYagami преди 10 дни
Saw a yaoi video with Bam and Khun so now I've finished the first season 😙
nancy carrillo
nancy carrillo преди ден
Light 😔👌
mar преди 10 дни
this deserves more v!ews. it’s literally the best thing i’ve ever seen wow
Ni Hel
Ni Hel преди 11 дни
Lee know is killing me
Aome Ikidome
Aome Ikidome преди 11 дни
Вауууу это так круто!
Kelly Z
Kelly Z преди 11 дни
This is a needs more recognition👌🏻😭
김지운 преди 11 дни
진짜 개띵곡.....그냥 애니메이션 ost 같음.....넘나 떨리는 노래
Marco Lau
Marco Lau преди 11 дни
Lee Know is so handsome...OMG...finally can hv more screen time
Nurul Nabilah
Nurul Nabilah преди 11 дни
I miss hyunjin black hair hahahahhaha 😂🔥
보건교사 안은영 BTS는병신
보건교사 안은영 BTS는병신 преди 12 дни
외국인만 존나 많네
REMachina преди 12 дни
Tower of god literally brought me here, and its fucking fire 🔥
Miroslaw Karpinski
Miroslaw Karpinski преди 12 дни
Who is here too because of tower of god?
who am i
who am i преди 13 дни
노채NOCHAE преди 13 дни
서창빈 목소리 죽여준다.... 도입부에서 공격적인 목소리로 포문을 열어주는게 개쩔어... 진짜 한계가 없어보임
Auliya Isolihati
Auliya Isolihati преди 13 дни
Skz world domination
Rita meow
Rita meow преди 13 дни
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is probably the first time in history Kpop was an op of an anime. It sure is different, and I'm sold.
Tyrine Cantero
Tyrine Cantero преди 14 дни
Freaking hate how Top is so underrated #DONTSLEEPONSKZ the boys are talented and worth it!!!!
HM3C - Ozaeta Marissa
HM3C - Ozaeta Marissa преди 14 дни
Why did I just found this today???!!!!! Ohmyghaadddd!!!!
Meekko Vlogs And Techs
Meekko Vlogs And Techs преди 14 дни
Han looks like bang chan
Jordan Longwe
Jordan Longwe преди 14 дни
I literally chacked my pulse after watching this video
Baby Girl
Baby Girl преди 14 дни
Banyak yang jadi stay gara-gara ost TOG
Stephanie YU
Stephanie YU преди 14 дни
what's happening with the views , this should be 30 millions minimum , where are all the stays
Han Liyah
Han Liyah преди 14 дни
There's no turning back when you enter the fandom
Hannah Downs
Hannah Downs преди 14 дни
This gave me DNA vibes and honestly we have no choice but to stan
2 8
2 8 преди 14 дни
لكن كل الي سمعتها مرره حلوهه
2 8
2 8 преди 14 дни
ستاي جديد لسا ما سمعت كل اغانيهم اكيد
2 8
2 8 преди 14 дни
بث قديم
2 8
2 8 преди 14 дни
شفت لينو يتكلم عنه بالبث حقه
2 8
2 8 преди 14 дни
اول مره اشوف ذا الامفي!
who am i
who am i преди 14 дни
Go up
leslie V
leslie V преди 15 дни
well leeknow you didnt have to attack us like that!!! im trying to control myself
marietta castillo
marietta castillo преди 15 дни
Me da risa que voy cada vídeo de skz, y en todos siento que son mis canciones favoritas, para que vean que todo lo que sacan es arte, no se pude elegir una sola (╥﹏╥)♡♡
Loren Patton
Loren Patton преди 15 дни
Didn't knew stary kids, until I googled " never let you go" because of TOG and now I'm obsessed with them.
Kiana преди 7 дни
Hope you start stanning them! Fun fact: they compose, write the lyrics, and choreographed all and most of their songs :) they are a truly talented group :)
Ciel Roxette
Ciel Roxette преди 15 дни
I hope they sing again in season 2 (op song) of Tower of God ❤
gabriela sánchez
gabriela sánchez преди 16 дни
Wooaaiinii Xiu
Wooaaiinii Xiu преди 16 дни
Love it
ғᴀɪᴛʜ ʟᴀᴡ
ғᴀɪᴛʜ ʟᴀᴡ преди 17 дни
My brother loves this song, and his fav is felix and seungmin
Anakarina Rangel
Anakarina Rangel преди 17 дни
Yo solo dire: Cancion: brutal Hyujin y Lee Know: conquistando mi corazon
Felex Mangham
Felex Mangham преди 17 дни
when chan invented the janitor look
Kataki Namikaze
Kataki Namikaze преди 17 дни
This is so underrated
Sarita Balla
Sarita Balla преди 17 дни
When I first watched this video I just thought seungmin looked really cool and never expected I.N to be the maknae.
abril curima
abril curima преди 17 дни
Vamos chicos stray kids ustedes pueden son los mejores yo lo apoyon ustedes esa cancion es mi favorita y la nueva de black door tuve incleibles vamos chicos esforce ustedes son para mi ❤❤❤
Flavia Gutierrez
Flavia Gutierrez преди 18 дни
Riza Arshad
Riza Arshad преди 18 дни
Ok but where did Felix's eyebrows go?
who am i
who am i преди 14 дни
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids преди 18 дни
MissUnique84 преди 18 дни
I can't express with words just how much this video means to me, so I'll try with hearts instead:
Hey_its_gali преди 18 дни
When i want to motivate myself i listen to this song!
Adaku Hermit
Adaku Hermit преди 18 дни
Minho finally has great solos here 😍😍😍 that visual tho, damn fine! 😭😭😭 and I don’t see Minho bias’ complaining in the comment section... yey! Fellow STAYs, let’s help to make this MV to a hundred million views please 😇
hey1111112222222 преди 18 дни
I am obsessed with the beginning. 0:13
ninja hatori
ninja hatori преди 18 дни
So long time i searched this track... Omg, i forgot this song and make me so frustated
rodolfo rebolledo
rodolfo rebolledo преди 19 дни
Larissa A
Larissa A преди 19 дни
The beat drops harder than my mom's sandals in my face
Larissa A
Larissa A преди 19 дни
Ngl the first time I listened to it I was like "Dammmnn it really could be an anime intro".... here I am now;-;
who am i
who am i преди 20 дни
Van Courtesy
Van Courtesy преди 20 дни
"mind blown" how is this not a hit.
Alaa Osman
Alaa Osman преди 20 дни
First time I listened to song from there update in tiktok and the song stick in my head ^-^ so I should be fan to amazing band like them
Alaa Osman
Alaa Osman преди 20 дни
I am honored to be a fandom
Alaa Osman
Alaa Osman преди 20 дни
Iam already checked and truely i loved every comeback better than before
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids преди 20 дни
Stray kids fandom is STAY We are welcome new stay Please check God's menu MV and back door MV by Stray kids
Britain преди 21 ден
Seungmins voice 😍
batang hamog lang malakas
batang hamog lang malakas преди 22 дни
just wow.
amane yugi
amane yugi преди 22 дни
hell train.
Michelle González González
Michelle González González преди 22 дни
So amazing it wow!!!!!
Haneul하늘 преди 23 дни
Jhonna Laurencio
Jhonna Laurencio преди 23 дни
Han's blonde hair is lifeu 💕
Daiana Aburto
Daiana Aburto преди 24 дни
soy: ○ lesbiana ○ bisexual ○ hetero ● una persona que depende emocionalmente de estos varones que no me conocen pero me hacen feliz
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