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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) [INTRO "GO生"]
Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "GO生"
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Pisces Nygyr
Pisces Nygyr преди 18 часа
My gaaaaaaas i just watch this for the First and this made me cry while I'm listening to them. My GOD please... BLESS these Kidoooooos.. They deserves it.. They truly DESERVEs to be BLESS!
Naz преди 3 дни
Even though I have watched this video multiple times I still tear up everytime Changbin starts about Streetlight and how he was going through a slump. Just hearing about the background of the song makes the song so much more meaningful. And you can really see how Changbin and SKZ overall pour their heart and soul into their work
Camila av
Camila av преди 3 дни
Pamela Flores
Pamela Flores преди 4 дни
I only just got into stray kids, it’s only been a month, and the fact that I fell in love with them so quickly. Tbh I’ve never been so happy, they make me smile everyday and I’m so grateful I got into their music. Thank you, really! I love them all so much 😽❤️
일나인 преди 4 дни
😭😭😭😭😭 나 이거 왜 울면서 보고있을까요.. 우리들만의 이야기들을 담을거라니 ㅠㅠ 곁에서 그 이야기 영원히 들어줄께요😘❤
Tania Ariesty
Tania Ariesty преди 4 дни
Can somebody tell me what song was played in 5:10? I'm a baby stay and i really like that song. Well no. I loooovveee it
Tania Ariesty
Tania Ariesty преди ден
@Naz Thanks!
Naz преди 3 дни
It's Seungmin's cover of DAY6's 'You were Beautiful'!! :)
Nicole Roxas
Nicole Roxas преди 6 дни
What song is 5:10 it was so amazing
Naz преди 3 дни
It's Seungmin's cover of DAY6's 'You Were Beautiful'!!
Roberta Abramo
Roberta Abramo преди 6 дни
Quando Felix ha detto "home" mi sono messa a piangere questa è vera amicizia🏡❤️il gruppo migliore di tutti a parer mio 💖stray kids nel cuore per sempre 💘💘
Ariachuss преди 6 дни
I wish one day they'll be so big that every other artists wish to collaborate with them and want their songs to be produced by 3Racha .I believe in this to happen one day 💘💯
Kimchi Bear
Kimchi Bear преди 8 дни
Mad respect for STRAYKIDS. Esp 3RACHA 🙏🏻
Kimchi Bear
Kimchi Bear преди 8 дни
I clicked their mv back door out of curiosity (because of hyunjin’s hair on thumbnail to be honest), and now, i have been nonstop watching straykids mvs/variety shows/vlogs like omgosh they’re so precious and funny. And when I found out most of their songs made by themselves. I’m like shooked. Very impressive! Love their synergy and songs
mikee преди 10 дни
they really thought we're gonna forget about them? dude, we're well fed so why would we?¿
Phoebe Saberon
Phoebe Saberon преди 10 дни
watching this again. and gonna cry again
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
Hay stay don't run from your way to the top dance with me hop. I wish to be so close to you every day from October to May . Just stay do you wish me to be so close to you every day? I'm curious to know can I play with you like cute doll girl for me you are the all now please show me the all your body. and your soul. You are my goal , now give me all your body and your soul . Be my doll lats play with you every day to the day that I will day I will always be your guy.I hope to meet you and beyond when we gone when the paradise become our home . Thanks for the inspection please if you like it used as a Stay 2 that song is a created by Han and me Ce Kim Mir and Felix I hope that every body will like it. Now I'm finding the rest o that song is created by Han I'm not very good in English
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
Bang Chan please stay in Stray Kids and fighting boy never give up!
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
The green 💚 I think is on Hyunjin.
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
The blue book 📚 is on Han 💙 boys when you run please keep your tings batter the I was falling down on the street and when you're helped me they was falling down. You are so busy and you run so fast ☺️ Noona on high heels and run from a night school. The last is on Felix note book 📚 the orange 🍊.
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
Stray Kids makes the best music on the world I really hope that they will stay together forever and to make music and when day become more than 100 yars old.
Maya Petrova
Maya Petrova преди 12 дни
Hi! I was start to listen K- pop in 2010. I like more to have a band WAMH than Bangers Girls Stage. WAMH means we are all mad here ! I'm out of Navigators becose of age discrimination they was kick out my brother he looks like teenager but is on 33 he don't like BTS to and many times was say to me to don't listen them I must stop to try to force myself to be in army .My grandpa was on the high post in the real army and was said to me that I must be in the army but I don't wanna to kill and hurt people and more I love to trying to become and guitaris I have a short and little fingers my mom said that my hands is lake hand of little child ! How are you ? Do you wanna to eat me but I'm fluffy bunny 🐰 not a pork or you don't know that the animals feel pain even too? I don't wanna to be in a army I'm in the city with rock festival before Woodstock ! I will share some hippie songs in Facebook. God bless you Chris don't think to give up! No more no more BTS God bless you!
ArmyStay who loves every other fandom
ArmyStay who loves every other fandom преди 12 дни
It's indeed true that God's Menu pushed skz to be more known. This song just deserve to win plenty of awards during the end of the year shows.
룽하룽 преди 12 дни
신메뉴가 정규1집 타이틀이라는 것만으로 스키즈는 크게 될 팀이다
Dreamy_Mary преди 14 дни
I'm decade older (wow) than these boys and I'm in love with their talent. I see sencirity in what they do. these bts videos are very interesting and informative. also 3racha's friendship is precious
Emily# CL
Emily# CL преди 15 дни
Madre mía y fue por este álbum que me hice STAY 💖 God Menu me llegó al kokoro ya que no estaba pendiente de SKZ pero con esta canción como dice la letra regresé
Charlotte преди 17 дни
Don’t worry my boys🥺just do what you love! The fact is already proves that you did really great ! I’m a new stay and I’m pretty sure there are more and more people gonna love you, because you are all precious treasures💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _ преди 18 дни
Jeongin: *looking all serious during his rehearsal with Seungmin* Also Jeongin: *smiles immediately after* Me: *dies inside*
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _ преди 18 дни
Minho: “even if you are not a STAY, it will be memorable to you” My sister who hates K-POP with a passion for no reason but always takes the chance to criticise it whenever she can: *God’s Menu is the only K-POP song she likes in her whole 11 years of life* Me: how am I supposed to react to this-
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _ преди 18 дни
“i was nervous that STAY would forget about us” Me: NOOOO BABIE WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT, OF COURSE NOT NEVER TAKE THAT BACK *starts crying because i can’t believe he said that, as if i can ever be able to live without stray kids*
mine oz
mine oz преди 18 дни
"The results weren't as great as we expected." What is Jisung talking about? :(
I know You know We know Lee Know
I know You know We know Lee Know преди 21 ден
I am watching this again and i am crying again.
JMC4101994 преди 23 дни
I can't consider myself a Stay (yet), but this comeback caught me off-guard. The album has a great balance between bangers and more light, soft songs. A project made with a sense for hooks and catchyness, with a dash of experimentation which makes it unique in the Kpop scene. Looking forward to whatever this boys have to offer in the future :D
I nnocent
I nnocent преди 23 дни
자신있다고 하던 아이들이 진짜 반란을 일으켯다... 갓기천재들을 어떡하냐
Jihan Iftinan
Jihan Iftinan преди 23 дни
lets support them
Harnoor Ghumman
Harnoor Ghumman преди 24 дни
Man all of them went through such a hard time it’s making me cry
Genma Shiranui
Genma Shiranui преди 26 дни
14 min to finally see Lee Know on screen
yhozy canales aycho
yhozy canales aycho преди 27 дни
Debo confesar que gracias a este álbum me volví fan de Stray Kids. Realmente las canciones son una obra de arte. No estuve desde sus inicios pero estaré hasta el final.
Am:o Stray kids In the trap
Am:o Stray kids In the trap преди 27 дни
2:27 i thought it was changbin but turn out its tiny chan 😭 i need that for 1hour loop 😫😂
Wina Lautner
Wina Lautner преди месец
Omgg... why am i tearing up
Icha преди месец
this is why i love them, such a hardworkers, stay healthy guys
Shiowa Ramírez
Shiowa Ramírez преди месец
Shiowa Ramírez
Shiowa Ramírez преди месец
Shiowa Ramírez
Shiowa Ramírez преди месец
Los amo mucho ^^
Shiowa Ramírez
Shiowa Ramírez преди месец
Ustedes son demasiado para nosotros, sin duda alguna. Los mejores. Increíbles.
Vee преди месец
Of course, Seungmin, our MyDay President! 🌸🌸
ga͘zȩ mo̢u͠x҉
ga͘zȩ mo̢u͠x҉ преди месец
Lo que más admiro de ellos es que escriben sus canciones y cuando lo hacen se divierten...
Gatri Marya
Gatri Marya преди месец
I know and i'm sure know that Stray Kids deserve the world but the world don't deserve them. I really respect them and love them. I hope that one day i will be able to see them to tell them how i'm so proud of being a stay and how i admire them. And guys you should never think that stays will forget about you, it's impossible. You are one of a kind and words can't express how i and all Stays love and repect you. You are our universe. I always find happiness in watching you and listening to your songs and thimking about you. Keep fighting SKZ and we will always be here for you. You are our everything.
― D a f í
― D a f í преди месец
chang hyun.e
chang hyun.e преди месец
Kalye Tren
Kalye Tren преди месец
im not a stray kids fan.before but when i saw the gods menu mv and Bang Chan...ah im.a fan now...and I started to LOVE the 8 members... .
Fbi ard
Fbi ard преди месец
"Hello stranger?" And BOOM Han Jisung made Close Just wow.
Fbi ard
Fbi ard преди месец
3racha made 3 to 4 song a day? Genius. I really really love them.
April Lee
April Lee преди месец
you guys did so well in this era~ tomorrow we'll welcome the new era #IN生
rosedollll преди месец
khushal goyal
khushal goyal преди месец
Without braces IN looks kinda edult "with respect to his previous image"
이리노계좌불러 преди месец
스키즈는 찐이다.....
야옹 преди месец
진짜 완전 예언가다 얼마나 확신이 있었으면 저런 말을 했을까 지금 돌고 돌다가 신메뉴 듣고 이 그룹을 좋아하게 된 나는 이 영상 중간에 나오는 내용을 듣고 깜짝 놀랐다 진짜 이 노래가 너무 좋아서 이 그룹의 모든 노래를 다 듣고 있는데 정말 한 번도 대충한 적이 없는 것 같은 게 다 느껴진다 말도 안 돼 사랑해 진ㅋ자
아이돌고래 преди месец
i can't stop myself falling for this group.
갱상 преди месец
같은 소속사 다른 팬인데 노래듣고 너무 좋아서 다른 노래 찾다보니 다좋고 그렇게 스며들었는데 무대에 노래에 너무 진심이고 열정적으로 노력하고 발전하는게 너무 멋있는 거 같아요 이번에 앨범도 주문했어요 백도어도 기대하겠습니다 !
Jas преди месец
“Even if you are not a Stay, it will be memorable to you” - Lee Know ME: *really clicked the video by accident 2months ago** They're harmless I guess. Lemme check this one out---- Changbin impressed me in the beginning with his 'ne seongnim' and rapping skills my gosh, Jisung got me bopping, Hyunjin mesmerized my freaking eyes, FELIX invited me to stay longer and deeper with his deep af voice, I.N and Seungmin made sure I won't go anywhere, Minho got me drooling coz of his moves, and lastly, BANG CHAN the sunny boy made me sooooo fascinated by his face accessory and now I AM FREAKING STAY and I can't escape this group anymooooore.... YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL AND I HAVE NEVER WITNESSED A GROUP THAT IS AS SOLID AS THIS. THANK YOU, STRAY KIDS, FOR BEING A BREATH OF FRESH AIR TO STAYs.
felix’s caffeine
felix’s caffeine преди месец
I can’t even explain what I feel. I’m glad. Thank you Stray Kids for existing, you’re my sunshine.
Rachel преди месец
Over 10 songs in 3/4 days wth that's almost a full album... These boys are way to talented and hardworking
현 청바지
현 청바지 преди месец
How can I explain this? Well for starter's I love Stray Kids. They are so different, Like people be sleeping on them. They are not just a kpop group, They are so much more. The don't just stick to a concept and write about love songs. They write about hardships that people can relate too. They are so honselty amazing they don't bottle up there emotions, nor are they aposed to sharing hardships or problems or really anything. They work do hard on what they so and you can tell they have so much passion in this. I hope stray kids lasts long and can be the best they can be. They give you that heart worming teen vide who are youthful and energetic. Even though they did not get a win, In my heart they are the winners. I can't exspress the feelings I get listening to them talk and sing, rap even dance etc. THey work way to hard for people to call there music "noise" they are so much more. Stray kids has been through so much together like so much, I think thats what makes them so close and happy together. Even if stray kids lost a member they are still so close. I love them so much for being so different compared to other kpop groups, I hope they can become a super populor group beause they deserve it so much, Don't get me started on STAY either, they are such a welcoming and calm fandom too(I am a stay so don't think I am not) I love stray kids! STRAY KIDS EVERYWHERE ALL AROUND THE WORLD, YOU MAKE STRAY KIDS STAY!!!!!!!! 이것을 어떻게 설명 할 수 있습니까? 우선 저는 Stray Kids를 좋아합니다. 그들은 사람들이 그들 위에서 자고있는 것처럼 너무 다릅니다. 그들은 단순한 kpop 그룹이 아니라 훨씬 더 많습니다. 컨셉에 집착하고 러브 송에 대해 글을 쓰지 마세요. 그들은 사람들이 공감할 수있는 어려움에 대해서도 씁니다. 그들은 너무 정직하게 놀랍기 때문에 거기에 감정을 불러 일으키지 않으며 어려움이나 문제 또는 실제로 아무것도 공유하지 않습니다. 그들은 그렇게 열심히 일하며 이것에 대한 열정이 너무 많다고 말할 수 있습니다. 길 잃은 아이들이 오래 지속되고 최선을 다할 수 있기를 바랍니다. 그들은 젊고 활기차고 가슴이 떨리는 십대 보라를 제공합니다. 비록 그들이 승리를 얻지 못했지만 내 마음에는 그들이 승자입니다. 나는 그들이 말하고 노래하는 것을 듣고 느끼는 감정을 표현할 수 없다. 랩까지도 춤을 추는 등 사람들이 열심히 일하는 방식으로 음악을 "노이즈"라고 부르는 것이 훨씬 더 많다. 스트레이 키즈는 너무나도 많이 함께 해왔고, 그게 그들을 너무 가깝고 행복하게 만드는 것 같아요. 길 잃은 아이들이 회원을 잃어도 여전히 너무 가깝습니다. 다른 kpop 그룹 들과는 너무 달라서 너무나도 사랑하고, 그럴 자격이있어서 슈퍼 포 퓰러 그룹이 될 수 있었으면 좋겠어요, 스테이도 시작하지 말아요, 너무 반갑고 차분한 팬덤이에요 (나는 머물기 때문에 그렇지 않다고 생각하지 마십시오) 나는 길 잃은 아이들을 사랑합니다!
lina 14
lina 14 преди месец
It's so cute and beautiful how Hyunjin is talking about the other members at 21:25. They really love each other 🥺
atiny chan
atiny chan преди месец
Real straykids hits different now lol
Johanna преди месец
Stray Kids really introduced me to a whole new world, I used to say that 'eh, I'm not into k-pop', but it was just that I had not yet found the group i enjoyed. What happened was just like Lee know said// I got pulled into it so quickly and was hooked, Top and Slump introduced me to Stray Kids but Gods Menu and their dynamics as a group made me Stay.
Tefa loves Winwin
Tefa loves Winwin преди месец
Minho solo aparecio 5 segundos en este video :(
Awesomeness Squad
Awesomeness Squad преди месец
Who came here after the intro to In Life??
STAYs Will Stay with SKZ
STAYs Will Stay with SKZ преди месец
I'm here 35 minutes after [INTRO "IN生"] 'cause there's no subtitles yet there... (does that make sense?)
Stay as Once
Stay as Once преди месец
Who's here after watching intro for in life??
슼히즈0914 преди месец
나 왜 이거 이제 보냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 현진이가 스테이 떠나가면 어떡하냐고 걱정했던데 현진아 스테이 1명 왔어!! 나말고도 많이 왔어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 스트레이키즈는 진짜 조만간 엄청 뜰 것 같다 진심이 느껴짐
Yogesh Mishra
Yogesh Mishra преди месец
What the actual hell is wrong with this Industry? Stray Kids worked so hard and didn't receive any award for God's Menu! Are you serious?! Come on Stays, Stream IN生. Our boys deserve all the appreciation for which they spent sleepless nights... ~Fighting~
Yong ;
Yong ; преди месец
i am emotional
chill sea
chill sea преди месец
Hyunjin: "Now that we are coming back, you need to come back to us again" Stays: *"WE NEVER LEFT"*
Lathifah Aqilah
Lathifah Aqilah преди месец
God's menu make me listen to stray kids song... How to be a stay?
minchan IN生
minchan IN生 преди месец
they have new cb in few days..u can stray from there
Lathifah Aqilah
Lathifah Aqilah преди месец
@Nurazwa Athirah thank u sist...
Nurazwa Athirah
Nurazwa Athirah преди месец
Just support them as a whole ♥ And you're already a STAY
El taquito de Dahyun
El taquito de Dahyun преди месец
19:10 :)
El taquito de Dahyun
El taquito de Dahyun преди месец
18:40 :3
Natalia Miraballes
Natalia Miraballes преди месец
Los amo ❤
Anya преди месец
Well, hello.. I'm your new customer. Is there any spot left for me?
Nurazwa Athirah
Nurazwa Athirah преди месец
We welcome everyone ❤️
"They are my 'all'" Hwang Hyunjin how dare you make me cry
skz_stay преди месец
stream everyone
sandra cocom
sandra cocom преди месец
stay .r
stay .r преди месец
Plzz stays let’s work harder in back door comeback we can do it if we work all together FIGHITNG STAYS
하뚜 преди месец
어디에도 가지않고 스키즈 옆에 머물겠습니다 사랑해욤!
Stan Talent
Stan Talent преди месец
Lets give them what they really deserve this comeback!😭✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✨
Maia Gimenez Galarza
Maia Gimenez Galarza преди месец
I was rewatching this.. and the only thing I was thinking was.. with "IN: 生" we (stay) have to work hard to give them the first place, 100M in less than a month, and more. Because they deserve it😭😍💘 We can do it Stays🤗💪💪✌
#Alexamarie #
#Alexamarie # преди месец
As far as I know this is the best group that I have ever in counter in my whole life, they put meaning to every song they make and every song I can feel their emotions and it was amazing,STRAY KIDS KEEP GOING!!!
#Alexamarie #
#Alexamarie # преди месец
I agree with what hyunjin said "every movement has its own meaning" like I said its good to make dance movements when you put meaning and fellings to it, it is not just about dancing but its about what you are dancing and what's the meaning of your movements. When I dance I always let my body took control and listen to the song and it is really amazing!!!
#Alexamarie #
#Alexamarie # преди месец
Did you what is the best thing in making a song? That is you can convey your own fellings in it and you can even make your own song using your experience, for me it is more easy to make a song when you put fellings on the song and the lyrics is the things you wanted to say to a person but you can't say it to them, so you just use those word in making a song and sometimes it can really relieve your stress, well yeah for us that likes music and enjoys them we enjoy making music cauz its fun, making music is like saying something to a person but just puts fellings and rhythm on it, I may not be the best singers there or the best composers but when I was 14 I made almost 6 songs but I didn't published them yet so I really love music and also dancing too when I was a kid.
uzma islam
uzma islam преди месец
Someone help me I’m crying so damn hard!!!
Keya Hwang
Keya Hwang преди месец
Hyunjin:This is cliche,but they(Stray K¡ds) are my 'all'. I'M NOT CRYING--
giraffe banana
giraffe banana преди месец
bless there soul and btw why does this video have 221 DISLIKES!🥺 like..whyyyy
desire credito
desire credito преди месец
i really love theses boys :
Nessa преди месец
When Chan was talking about his trainee days and losing friends along the way that reminded me of when the members talk about their first impression of Chan. How he was kinda distant and serious and had this aura about him. Like Han saying when he met Chan all he did was nod and that was it. Now Chan's got the members and he's just so welcoming to everybody. I'm fine. This is fine. 😭
Don't say that you guys don't worked hard enough we saw you're hard work on your song and thank u for making us your inspiration in writing such a beautiful song...You may not have many wins in music show but we STAY saw your efforts and hardwork....We always love You and were always here for you
mari преди месец
did yall fucking hear that. in 3-4 days they made more than TEN SONGS. 10 SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pricilla jung
pricilla jung преди месец
Julieta Frias
Julieta Frias преди месец
This is old..But I still crying..Love you so much
Luniita_Stay преди месец
Los amo SKZ ♡
SKZ Felixjin'
SKZ Felixjin' преди месец
Who teared up on Bang Chan's part?
SKZ Felixjin'
SKZ Felixjin' преди месец
I love you Stray Kids ❤
Amogelang Lebeko
Amogelang Lebeko преди месец
I still get emotional when I think about Chan pre-debut before his members came into the picture. So much at a young age, I can't 💔
데이슼 преди месец
스트레이키즈의 어느 영상을 보더라도 찬이가 멤버들 생각하는 거 보면 정말 착하다는 걸 알 수 있을 뿐만 아니라 정말 멤버들을 아끼고 있다는게 너무 잘 보인다 ㅠㅠㅠ 스트레이키즈 멤버들도 찬이 잘 따라주는거 같아서 너무 보기 좋아 ㅠㅠ 스트레이키즈 9월 14일 컴백도 화이팅 !!
Bhuti Lha
Bhuti Lha преди месец
I want that vintage overlay
Lotte BlackBlack
Lotte BlackBlack преди месец
Honestly I become Stay after listening to this album and I felt blessed
Stray Kids [INTRO "IN生"]
JYP Entertainment
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iPhone 12 Unboxing Experience + MagSafe Demo!
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Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. - FRANCHISE (Official Music Video)
STRAY KIDS (스트레이 키즈) ISAC 2020
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an introduction to: stray kids (2020 edition)
hyunjin nation
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Stray Kids
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Stray Kids [INTRO "Clé : LEVANTER"]
JYP Entertainment
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We K-Pop Ep.1 Stray Kids [ENG, IND, MAL / 2019.07.12]
KBS World
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iPhone 12 Unboxing Experience + MagSafe Demo!
Marques Brownlee
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Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. - FRANCHISE (Official Music Video)
ZAYN - Better (Official Video)
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A$AP Ferg - Dennis Rodman (Official Video) ft. Tyga
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Heijan feat. Muti - KEKE
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