Stray Kids [INTRO "IN生"] : the reason

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) [INTRO "IN生"] : the reason
Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "IN生"
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Dreamy_Mary преди 24 минути
all Stray Kids seem to be sweet and nice people, but 3racha's relationship make me emotional. their brotherhood and love for each other are precious
Candice CB
Candice CB преди 7 часа
I want to see Minho dance to his fullest and stand out and shine only then will the others quality and level rise! He’s too good to dim his light. I hope someone intervenes and sets him straight! Shine Minho shine only then can ur members get better
않는다악마는 잠들지
않는다악마는 잠들지 преди ден
i’m just literally crying
NiCoLe fangirl
NiCoLe fangirl преди ден
i love you all❤️💖
NiCoLe fangirl
NiCoLe fangirl преди ден
seungmin and minhoooo ❤️💖
Cielo Amarilla
Cielo Amarilla преди ден
Yo no quiero llorar pero ellos me incitan. No sé porque este video me toco más pero ahora me siento aún más cerca de los chicos
Audrey Maharanii
Audrey Maharanii преди 2 дни
Can someone tell me, who’s the person on the thumbnail?
Audrey Maharanii
Audrey Maharanii преди 18 часа
@Soongiri Lee Ohh ty!
Soongiri Lee
Soongiri Lee преди 18 часа
Lee Minho also known as Lee Know.
magui adb
magui adb преди 2 дни
se me hizo un nudo en la garganta
Haewely преди 2 дни
I was rewatching this and suddenly, that moment when felix said he was proud of stay, I was like, wait a minute, that's my line hahah i've never felt so proud of being part of a fandom, like does it even make sense? I feel so proud of them, of being their fan and seeing them growing up. I've been into kpop so many years and I've seen so may groups but i never felt this way, i feel like im gonna cry asdhsjk ok that's it.
Ririry преди 3 дни
4:48 本当に2人がオーストラリア出身で支え合えて良かった🥺
Ririry преди 3 дни
2:53 広い肩ww ハンが自分が力になりたいって話してるのに感動した 本当に抱え込みすぎないで欲しいな🥺
ktin b
ktin b преди 3 дни
Felix's "YES" wheh asked about Lee Know, like he's making a revenge. And perfectly described Lee Know as "MISCHIEVOUS"
Soongiri Lee
Soongiri Lee преди 4 дни
"I don't dance for myself as much now, I try not to stand out alone. I dance as a group so that we (stray kids) can be seen as one." - Lee Know He doesn't want to dance on his utmost because he don't want them to feel that he is above level. Now you understand why he is stay back in back door choreograph? right. *he is best boy indeed*
Candice CB
Candice CB преди 18 часа
I know his intentions but I want to see him shine. Only if he does his best the levels of the rest will rise! I love him and want to see him shine
Dina Eiqa
Dina Eiqa преди 4 дни
Han to chan make me crying 😭
ha yun
ha yun преди 5 дни
Y pensar que ahora "stay" se está volviendo un fandom tóxico
Daniela Silva
Daniela Silva преди 6 дни
I can't stop crying. Help.
Daniela Silva
Daniela Silva преди 6 дни
¿Por qué no puedo dejar de llorar mientras los veo? Estos chicos en serio me han hecho una mejor persona y estoy demasiado feliz por haberlos encontrado cuando más los necesitaba. Ahora son una parte muy importante de mí.
Daniela Silva
Daniela Silva преди 6 дни
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Lee Know: Seungmin es una presa para mí JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ wtff
sadiya преди 7 дни
bruh the thumbnail looks like jin
Soongiri Lee
Soongiri Lee преди 18 часа
Yeah exactly on the first glance I thought it was bts jin
Lizeth Ivanova
Lizeth Ivanova преди 7 дни
¿De repente? Quiero abrazarlos
Lee Know
Lee Know преди 8 дни
What is SeokJin doing in JYPE?
kookmin Jimin
kookmin Jimin преди 9 дни
Trouvaillx преди 10 дни
hold up i’m finna cry🥺 i love them much and appreciate them and i really really am happy that they are one. Stray kids really helped me in so many ways literally i would probably still be locking myself up and not caring about my mental/physical/verbal health if it wasn’t for i’d probably be thinking or doing things that would end with me dead...I’m happy i found them and i’m happy they appreciate us and care and really give us positive thoughts on life🥺🤍
Trouvaillx преди 10 дни
Also i’m 4 months clean🥺,no more cuts stays i’ve been clean for 4 months i’m so happy for myself🥺!
umesha shamini
umesha shamini преди 11 дни
that`s why i love them.. they deserve the whole galaxy...
Nina Flowers
Nina Flowers преди 11 дни
always praying for StrayKids give them stronger mind and Body. I forever Stay with you StrayKids😇😇💖💖💖
I thought its BTS jin
내 구독자 니가 여친 생길 확률.
내 구독자 니가 여친 생길 확률. преди 11 дни
me too
Mery Avalos
Mery Avalos преди 15 дни
Esta subtitulado al español, te juro que no puedo estar más agradecida
Mery Avalos
Mery Avalos преди 15 дни
I should be sleeping but here I am, crying over stray kids again bc I love them so much. I truly appreciate your hardwork
Killari S.
Killari S. преди 16 дни
Que lindas palabras uu... Mood: agradeciendo por los subtítulos en español
FELIX BTY преди 16 дни
Me as a STAY will never go anywhere. As a STAY since their pre-debut, I'll support STRAY KIDS in their difficult & any situation.
Дарья Спутай
Дарья Спутай преди 17 дни
Dear Bang Chan! I sincerely wish You a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎉🎉 This day is important not only for You, Your family and STRAY KIDS, but for all STAY in general... and for me personally. On this day the Universe gave You to this vicious world. 🎁🎁🎁 I'm grateful to all the gods that one day I met the STRAY KIDS and You. I have known You for several months, but it seems to me that I have known You all my life. No language in the world has the right word to describe my love to You. 🎈🎈🎈 You're incredible! You don't know, but once You saved my life. You don't know, but You cured my broken heart. You don't know, but Your smile gives me the desire to live. Only You were with me when the whole world was against me. You're the main reason I still wake up every day... the reason I'm still alive. 💔💔💔 I have known You for several months, but it seems to me that I have known You all my life. I saw Your smile, Your tears, Your pain and Your happiness. I was with You in moments of sadness and joy. I know what You went through, I saw Your mistakes and Your triumph... I know You better than You. 💋💋💋 Your efficiency is amazing, ordinary people cannot do that. You're the strongest I know. Your music is really important to me and to all STAY. I know all the lyrics by heart. It's like a prayer for me. 🎶🎶🎶 I know, You won't see my message, but I still hope. My dream is to see You one day, to hug You, to say You all I want to say. One day... But while I'm far away, so I send You my virtual hugs and kisses... and my heart. You saved me once, cured my heart, so I give it to You. I know, You're the only one in the world who can keep my heart. It's forever Yours. 💌💌💌 You're my whole world. Thanks, Chan! 💝💝💝 I love you for infinity. 💞💞💞 🇷🇺From Russia with love🇷🇺 🇷🇺From love with Russia🇷🇺
sizuka hyura
sizuka hyura преди 17 дни
I cried when bangchan told a figure of felix to him.... I swear guys
Jessica Montes
Jessica Montes преди 18 дни
Congratulations, SKZ!!! You made it to the Billboard’s World Albums chart! IN生” (“In Life”) takes No. 7 (two weeks) and GO生” (“Go Live”) re-enters the chart to take No. 11 (13 weeks)!!! Two spots in thr Top 15! This is indeed WORLD DOMINATION!
Devi Meisya Kartika
Devi Meisya Kartika преди 18 дни
PLEASE Stray Kids 의 모든 동영상을 인도네시아어로 번역 해주세요
PQuamila преди 18 дни
well I wasn't expecting to cry today but here we are
dec sunn
dec sunn преди 19 дни
Why did nobody talk about Seungmin said we'll try hard like before and Sing Please don't Leave ㅠㅠ
스테이 STAY
스테이 STAY преди 19 дни
현진오빠가 힘든일들을 겪었다고 하는데 무슨 일을 말하는건가요 .. 정말 몰라서요 ..
데지 преди 6 дни
아마..김00씨 나간거 그거 일꺼에요!
Judit García
Judit García преди 19 дни
i love you
Fay AP
Fay AP преди 19 дни
I think Han and Chan's answers were so pure and honest 😭
Angela преди 20 дни
The end made me cry so much 🤧🤧🤧
Abiyyah Baragbah
Abiyyah Baragbah преди 20 дни
For stray kids: please make a reaction from this video
Multifandom Fangirl
Multifandom Fangirl преди 21 ден
Ik this is supposed to be heartfelt and make you feel warm inside but when Lee Know said "Back then dancing is how I expressed myself" (or somewhere along those lines) I did the hand flip thing that he did when he was younger and started dying 😂 Edit: Now I'm crying because I saw Changbin tearing up and the way that everyone is speaking is making me cry they are all so loving and I cant imagine what I'd do If I never became a stay and I am glad that I did become one😭😭😭😭💜💜
Han Jisung Wife
Han Jisung Wife преди 21 ден
Felix is very precious to everyone🥺
TLiriel преди 22 дни
WE are ❤
Nur Syafira
Nur Syafira преди 22 дни
"who's lee know?" Felix:yes
Smol Aussie Felix
Smol Aussie Felix преди 23 дни
4:48 Chan and Felix really are soulmates 😭💖🇦🇺
Decastro's Vlog
Decastro's Vlog преди 23 дни
IN’s “hae? Kapchagiyo?” Sounds so innocent 😭😭
no thoughts head empty only treasure
no thoughts head empty only treasure преди 23 дни
It felt very meaningful when Seungmin was talking about his reason for singing. I can really relate to music carrying memories from your past, almost like when you smell a familiar scent from long ago and are immediately transported back. Songs can be like that too. I hadn't really thought about how precious it must be for artists to get to create something so powerful. I'm incredibly grateful to Seungmin and all of Stray Kids for giving us these precious memories, for being by our side through the highs and the lows, even if only through sweet melodies. Levanter, specifically, will always hold a special place in my heart as the song that gave me strength when I felt the most alone. They say it's darkest of all before the dawn.
JYP짭진영 преди 24 дни
This moment is important
This moment is important преди 24 дни
Oh my God, the way Lee Know expresses dance is so admirable.. that’s not just a dancer, it is a very nice matured guy who takes dancing seriously. I love him more
Soongiri Lee
Soongiri Lee преди 18 часа
Lee know successfully gives a good example for dancers out there on how to dance as a group.
aqvu преди 24 дни
who’s cutting onions?? i hope they will be happy and fulfilled. stays are spoiled enough, they don’t need to overwork themselves to please stays. stays are happy if skz are happy and healthy.
j j
j j преди 24 дни
jaems преди 25 дни
i cry
Christine Joy Ariola
Christine Joy Ariola преди 25 дни
Dancer Anastasia
Dancer Anastasia преди 26 дни
This made me so emotional🥺 They're so precious. We don't deserve them🥺
Celeste Magallon
Celeste Magallon преди 26 дни
That's the reason why you can't choose one bias on stray kids, it's imposible
skz 4th gen leaders
skz 4th gen leaders преди 26 дни
el final EL FINAL dios quien edito esto para recagarlo a trompadas estoy triste
skz 4th gen leaders
skz 4th gen leaders преди 26 дни
skz 4th gen leaders
skz 4th gen leaders преди 26 дни
skz best boys
skz 4th gen leaders
skz 4th gen leaders преди 26 дни
skz los amoo
April and Jay Playz
April and Jay Playz преди 27 дни
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson преди 27 дни
Who else cried at the end?
Doubt. преди 27 дни
All the other members: *saying heartfelt things about the other members* Minho and Seungmin: *nervously sweating about having to show affection for the other members* 2min the love/hate divorced couple are legit so alike ahahaha
Meitnerium преди 27 дни
their bonds are so precious
Ericka Rochelle Sebastian
Ericka Rochelle Sebastian преди 27 дни
who's cutting onions
Leidy Estefania Soto Rodríguez
Leidy Estefania Soto Rodríguez преди 27 дни
Hola stray kids me alegro mucho ese vídeo sobre usted son tan divertido y super buena persona y siempre voy apoya a usted eres mi favorito Félix
Jin hit employee
Jin hit employee преди 27 дни
Me watching video without subtitles : smiling 😊 Me watching video after subtitles : crying😢
Andrea преди 27 дни
stray kids to me: I've learned a lot of new things from them about family, friends, passion, health, and so on. I'm loving again my passion in dancing. Stray kids gave me the light when I'm facing an invisible condition that others don't see, thanks to them I've laugh again after 4 months this quarantine. They are one of the reasons why I'm healing physically and mentally. Thanks to them they gave Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.
Andrea преди 27 дни
i'm just curious, is han's eyeglass have lenses? hahahahhaha
Andrea преди 27 дни
Who is seungmin to lee know? Lee Know: (thinking) Me: Why so late? Seungmin is your ex husband.
Andrea преди 27 дни
maybe felix looks like bang chan's little bro lucas, that's why
ohprttyby преди 28 дни
Does anyone knows what’s all the bgm that is playing throughout the video?? I only know 일상, new stay here 😅
Haven_CB97 преди 27 дни
Sunshine by skz was playing too
Sica B Pelegrino
Sica B Pelegrino преди 28 дни
Eles merecem o mundo! s2
Coco Orange
Coco Orange преди 28 дни
Forever stay amores de mi vida, los apoyaré siempre
Sara Mendili
Sara Mendili преди 29 дни
I don't understand anything , am I dumb
Jay's Resentment Anger Shame Rimlin
Jay's Resentment Anger Shame Rimlin преди 29 дни
I love how they are not shy in front of the camera anymore When they first came out it was like so shy and all It was so cute But now they look so matured
Nicole Surowy
Nicole Surowy преди 29 дни
"why do stray kids exist? because stays exist. we are the reason for each others existence" 💕
Cy Sairinseu
Cy Sairinseu преди 29 дни
Why do they have to do that kind of ending???? I AM NOT CRYING! YOU ARE!
Mille Lim
Mille Lim преди 29 дни
Seriously cried after watching this, and im not even done with the video yet 😂
Anel Satbaldieva
Anel Satbaldieva преди 29 дни
Я срочно нуждаюсь в субтитрах на русском
• hey,STOB it •
• hey,STOB it • преди 29 дни
Tbh i thought the thumbnail is jin WHAT im so confused ✌✌✌
hevi преди 29 дни
nao gostei desse video pq chorei que nem uma condenada graças a vcs
Sarah Mae Li
Sarah Mae Li преди 29 дни
does anyone notice how felix’s voice gets lower when he speaks english? or just me
—hσnєч вσσh.
—hσnєч вσσh. преди 29 дни
ruth díaz
ruth díaz преди 29 дни
missionette I pa'au
missionette I pa'au преди месец
As a proud STAY i’m so happy of my boys & their work. They deserve so much 😘
jjulien преди месец
For stay to exist, stray kids have to exist
jjulien преди месец
We are each other's reason of existence
Hika преди месец
Okay, I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I'm not cr- Ueueueueue
나를 jέnn ιe
나를 jέnn ιe преди месец
ok I admit it they made me cry ..
ignacia betanzo
ignacia betanzo преди месец
Como le hacen para que llore siempre?
Lovely Sheena
Lovely Sheena преди месец
STAY let's stay together with Stray Kids for a long time!
Lovely Sheena
Lovely Sheena преди месец
Thank you, Felix for being there with Bang Chan. He trully is his little ball of sunshine. Thank you, SKZ for being there with each other.
Estefania Cantu
Estefania Cantu преди месец
I dont know why this is making me cry
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _
ToO mUcH bUtTaH _ преди месец
everyone: *says nice things about the other member* minho: Seungmin is... A bait.
Siuu Semy
Siuu Semy преди месец
Every thing each members says makes me really serious...... they are all working hard and need each other I love you STRAY KIDS 💜
chrislig преди месец
es muy tarde pa llorar
KyouwaLazula преди месец
Noo Binnie was about to cry at the end of his part 😭😭😭
mashed potato
mashed potato преди месец
*Felix is home to Chan.Ok now cry😭*
namjoons crab
namjoons crab преди месец
im not crying
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